Keeping up with new technology

This VR is on fire! VisionThree creates VR experiences for FDIC.

VR and tradeshows are a perfect combination. Creating fun, memorable experiences that allow attendees to do things they normally couldn’t with products or services in a tradeshow environment is something VR excels at. We’ve been hard at work for the past month creating two engaging VR experiences for this years FDIC show. Here’s a quick preview!

Jacob LeemanVisionThree
Hololens Tech Demo: Placing Virtual Objects around Physical Objects

Being on the cutting edge has different meanings for different people. We’ve found that having some fundamental knowledge of what the solution is – how it can benefit our clients first and foremost – is key to increasing the breadth of our capabilities and service offerings. Simply scratching the surface on something new, and demonstrating a core understanding of it, is often enough to open the door to new possibilities.